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We offer a wide selection of Hardware from Multiple Manufacturers
this page is designed to help with hardware selection and understanding of terms

Pocket Door Track and Rollers


Pocket Doors are used in applications where a swinging door will take up too much space or where the door will be left open most of the time

A track is mounted to the ceiling and the door hangs.
A guide is either placed at the door opening or a bottom guide track is installed in the floor

Door weight will be the first item in deciding which track to use
We handle tracks from 40 to 4000 pounds

Changing a track is difficult to do after the door is installed and the walls are built
So we recommend buying a system rated higher than your door

The Systems that we sell al have either 3 or 4 wheel Ball Bearing rollers,
We do not recommend single or 2 wheel lightweight systems

Wall Mounted Track

wall mounted door track
Concealed track

Similar to pocket door but the track is mounted to the wall above the opening and the door slides across the opening

Two aesthetic options are to hide the track in a fascia for a finished look or use exposed hangers for a more Industrial or Loft Style look

For the Industrial look PcHenderson has exposed hangers and brackets.

For a Finished look build a wood fascia

industrial door track
Industrial Exposed Track

Folding Doors

Folding Doors are separated by door weight and application

On a folding door the weight is distributed on fewer rollers so a larger system must be used

Folding Doors doors are either:

Endfold - Normally used on interior applications
The first door is a Pivot and the doors fold over the centerline of the track, this makes it difficult to weatherstrip because the doors do not meet up to a straight edge.
The first door can not be hinged to the wall unless it is smaller than the other doors

Offset Endfold - Normally used in exterior applications
The first door is hinged to the wall and the doors pivot off of the centerline of the track. This allows for the doors to seal at the bottom and top

Centerfold - Normally used on interior applications
Used as room dividers, first door is often not attached to wall and complete door assembly can be slid in either direction

Multi-Directional / Stacking Doors

Doors are independent of one another and stack at the ends
Used as partition doors or areas were the the doors need to be completely removed from the opening.

Doors can make corners either at 90 or 45 degrees depending on system

Rail Door Track

rail door track

A wall mounted track with exposed rollers and oversized wheels

The track and rollers are part of the complete door look

Door Track Terms


Bi Pass Rollers are normally offset
the back Door is spaced farther from centerline
to allow for a smaller track profile and minimal space between the doors

Many of these rollers will be offered as a specific roller for front and back
Bi-pass closet door.

Verify your offset and application before ordering.

offset closet door

Wheel Profiles

The bottom of the rollers can be different shapes to match the track profile
Some hangers are available with different shapes, verify you wheel and track before ordering

Round Concave Square - Flat Chamfer
closet door wheel closet door wheel closet door wheel
Standard wheel used with hanging
Doors, Track will be rounded to
Accept wheel
Normally used with a bottom track.
track will have a raised profile
used in both hanging tracks with flat bottom
and as a bottom roller for flat tracks
Normally used in a multi-wheel
application. The wheel rolls on
the edges of the roller
closet door track closet door track door track





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