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Below are some inexpensive options for locking a Pocket Door or Bi-Folding door
These can not be unlocked from the inside and should only be used in applications
Where they will not create a safety risk

Sliding Door and Pocket Door Swing arm lock


keyed pocket door
1 3/4" overall width

1068 lock
1062 Pocket Door Lock with Jamb Strike
3/4" Arm Throw
1068 Poket/Bi pass Closet Door Lock
1 1/4" Arm Throw



$ 24.99


instruction sheets page1 page2


keyed pocket door lock strike
Jamb Strike for 1062
7/8" diameter

Prevents damage to Jamb
from locking arm
not included with 1068

These locks for sliding and pocket doors offer a inexpensive option to lock a sliding door.
When unlocked the arm swings flat to the back of the unit allowing the door to fit into the pocket or for the 2 doors to bi-pass.
When locked the arm sticks out the back of the unit and either hits the jamb if used as a keyed pocket door lock or hits the second door if used as a Keyed lock for closet doors.

When used as a keyed lock for sliding closet doors you must insure that the bottom of the doors is held firm or they can be separated and allow the doors to be opened

Push Lock for sliding and pocket doors

Normally used on windows and sliding doors
Can be used as a one sided lock for a pocket door
There is NO access from the other side
available in 3 finishes


Brass, Aluminum, and White
PUSHLOCK $ 14.99

Select Finish

Keyed lock for bi-folding and Sliding Doors


for image of back click here
Includes 2 strikes
keyed bifold lock
Surface strike for Bi-fold Door Pairs

keyed bifold lock
Mortise Strike to attach to Jamb

1064 Lock for Bi-folding doors

Hook lock on unit allows bi-folding or Sliding doors to be hooked together and preventing opening. Unit will lock bifold doors of thickness up to 1 3/8" maximum. Two strikes are included, allowing for the doors to be hooked to each other or to the door jamb

This unit will not work on pocket doors.
select a unit above for a keyed pocket door lock

Available in Silver and Dark Bronze
$ 26.99


Instructions for installation



More information for the locks on this page PDF


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