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Cavilock Offset
From $ 660.00
From $ 518.00
Cavilock CL100
ADA Privacy
from $ 578.00
Cavilock CL100
ADA Privacy with indicator
from $ 548.00
Inox ADA lever Privacy
$ 540.00


Inox ADA Pocket Door

Special Order Only

Keyed Entry

Entry with Single Cylinder

Deadbolt retracted by handle (inside) or key (outside)

Outside lever is dummy function






Privacy with emergency release

Deadbolt retracted by either thumbturn or handle (inside) or emergancy coin release (outside)

Outside lever is dummy function


***Square thumbturn not available***


Fit for standard door thickness 1 3/4"
Backset: 2 3/4" and 2 1/2"
All Handlesets are handed
Deadbolt 1", brass and stainless steel
Cylinder: Solid brass, Schlage C keyway, 6 pin mortise cylinder with 2 keys



Ceramic Black has a 4 Week Lead Time

Thick Door Kits avaialble up to 3"
Keyed: $80 extra
Privacy: $40 extra
Please Call for Ordering Options


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