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PC Henderson
Industrial Door Track Industrial
Exposed Hangers
Curved Track
up to 4400 lbs

Door Track and Rollers
Standard Duty

Door Track for Pocket and Bi-fold
Interior Applications
Pocket Door Frame Kits
up to 440 lbs

Heavy duty track

Folding, stacking and
multifunctional / stacking doors

Up to 1100 lbs

Stainless Steel
Round Rail

Exposed track for
glass and wood doors

Specialty Applications
Min Clearance track
Full Access Bi-fold

Open Rail System
Exposed track and Rollers

Tiger Brand
Track and Rollers
Specialty Track
a Favorite of Architects


Pc Henderson Hardware Specs Pages
Flexirol Roller and Track Images
See the Quality!
Pacer Track System
Similalar to Fexirol but less weight and cost
Flexirol Folding information PDF Flexirol Offset PDF

Straigh Sliding PDF files

Flexirol Multi-Fold PDF files

Folding Instructions

Straight Sliding Instructions
Sidewall Instructions


Flexirol and 550A track offers a heavy duty option for a wide variety of applications
Straight Sliding up to 1100 pounds , Folding (either center hung or offset), Pivot doors,
Stacking Partition doors with 90 degree or 45 degree angles

Contact us with your needs and we can help in designing your system

All application on this page use the following tracks - Guides and track support Below

550 A track

6' - $ 250.00
8' - $ 350.00
10' - $ 450.00
16.5' - $ 700.00

Optional Wall Mount Bracket
$ 100.00
3S 550
Bracket to Hang track in
Suspended Ceiling Applications
adjustable drop 4" - 39"
$ 265.00

Bottom Guide Track

3/4" tall x 13/16" outside


94 Brass - 96" $ 370.00
106N / 94 GUIDE $ 30.00
with Nylon Guide
556/57 Hangers
for Straight Sliding application
2 per door 1100 lbs

$ 305.00 ea
106R / 94 GUIDE $ 18.00
with Metal Guide


21R/94 Guide for Endfold $ 35.00


971 Bottom guide threshold
5" x 1/2"

8' Aluminum finish $ 80.00

Track Stop
$ 80.00

What if I don't install a bottom track?
click here to find out
Joining strips
recommended for joining track together

2-4 per joint
180 ' Straight
$ 6.00 ea.

approx size
Length: 3 3/4"

Flexirol for Centerfold and Straight Sliding Wood Doors
Center Hung
Interior Aplications
275 Max Door Weight Centerfold
1100 Max Door Weight Sliding
Doors Hinge to each other
Odd number of doors
for floating panels
3,5,7,9 leaves
1/2 door required to have
panels fixed to wall
3.5 , 5.5, or 7.5 leaves
4' Max Door Width
Door thickness 1 11/16" - 2 1/4"
Bottom Guide Track

Top Hung Flexirol gear and fittings for center folding wood partition doors. Leaves are hung centrally and can fold to one or both sides. For Applications hinged to the jamb, 3 1/2, 5 1/2, 7 1/2 leaves can be used with the half leaf hinged to the jamb. For best operation of floating units 5,7 or 9 leaves should be used. Any access door should be hinged separately to the jamb

centerfold application
556/61 Hangers
for Centerfold application
275 lbs

$ 345.00 ea

Flexirol for Endfold Centerhung Wood Doors
Center Hung
Bottom Guide Track
275 Max Door Weight Endfold
Doors Hinge to each other
4' Max Door Width
Door thickness 1 11/16" - 2 1/4"


Top hung Flexirol gear and fittngs for end folding wood partision doors. Leaves can be hung to the left or right of an opening or hung as floating units


21/550 Pivot Set
$ 325.00
Hanger for Endfold
$ 370.00
Guide for Endfold
$ 35.00
Visit our Flush Bolt and Hinge Page to complete your project





Flexirol for Endfold Offset
Exterior Wood Doors
All Hardware
Silver Finish Only
Exterior Aplications
offset to allow for weatherstripping
275 Max Door Weight
Doors Hinge to each other
Even number of Doors
with no Exterior
Odd number of doors
with last door swinging
4' Max Door Width
Door thickness 1 11/16" - 2 1/4"
Bottom Guide Track
or guide threshold

See our WS System Hardware Page as an Endfold Offset Alternative


shown with 971 Treshold
5" x 1/2"
8 foot - $ 75


65B/20 Hinges
$ 210.00 ea
half hinge $ 100.00
Installation information

556A/ 221
Top Roller Bracket
$ 740.00 + HINGE

with 94 bottom guide track

Bottom Guide Pin
F3715 - Flush Bolt $ 130.00
F3734 - Strike $ 27.00
68BA/110 for ues with 1/2 hinge $ 40.00
67BA/150 for use with full hinge $ 50.00

Odd Door Layout

Even Door Layout

PcHenderson Flexirol Track and Roller Images

Standard Flexirol 556 Hanger
Rolls on Ball bearing wheels with
Ball Bearing Guide Wheels

Straight Sliding or 135
Doors up to 1100 pounds

Flexirol 555 Roller Hanger
for 90 degree track Situations

220 lbs doors

550 Track Supports
both the 555 and 556 Rollers


Heavy Duty Track is Large
3 7/8" wide x 2 7/8" tall

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