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Magnetic Door Hold and Keyed Locks
Legacy CL200
close-out SALE from $ 119.99
New CL205
with Magnetic Latching
CL100 Flush Pull
CL100 Lever Trim ADA Lavilock ADA Privacy ADA offset Handle Cavilick Track and Rollers

Cavilock CL400 Magnetic Latching Locks

Keyed Entry Privacy Magnetic Passage Privacy Double door set
From $ 469.99 From $ 439.99 From $389.99 From $689.99

The CL400 Key Locking option is suitable for residential or light commercial use in internal situations where medium security is required. It incorporates a single or double Euro Profile cylinder with Schlage C Keyway. All Key Locking handles come with a raised shroud as standard for increased security.* The CL400 Privacy option matches the other configurations in the range. The magnetic latching feature ensures the door doesn’t roll open - even if the snib is not engaged. The CL400 is a stylish architectural option for passage handles. Designed to complement the privacy and locking range, this handle features a positive hold close action to ensure the door doesn’t bounce off the closing jamb. The CL400 Bi-Parting set is suitable for use where two doors meet in the middle. Passage, Privacy and Key Locking configurations are available.The positive hold close action brings the doors together smoothly and holds them together until ready to open.Note: Privacy and Key Locking configurations are not suitable as a high security option when used in a Bi-Parting door setup.

With Simple door prep you can save on Costs
No Mortising required

Barn Door Strike Available $199.99


Cavilock CL205 Latching Locks

Privacy Passage Privacy Double door set
From $199.99 From $169.99 From $379.99

privacy handles have a discreet triangular shaped snib button on one side and Emergency Release on the other side. They are suitable for sliding doors where latching is required. Passage handles are suitable for situations where locking or latching is not required. These handles do not have a striker or magnet. The Bi-Parting Set includes Privacy and Mate with
a striker on the
face plate to enable it to
latch with the
privacy handle.

CL200 locks are Not Handed


Cavilock Sliding Door Track and Rollers



CL 100 Locking Pocket Door
with Flush Turn

cavilock cl100
CL 100 Locking Sliding Door Lock with Flush Turn
Brushed Chrome $ 499.99 More Information



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CL 100 Locking Pocket Door
with Lever Trim and ADA interior Option

Key or Emergency (Coin Turn) Exterior CL 100 Standard Turn CL 100 ADA Turn
add $70.00
CL 100 Locking Sliding Door Lock with Lever
Brushed Chrome from $ 549.99 More Information



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Lavilock - ADA Handicap sliding door Hardware


Lavilock features easy to read "Vacant/In use"
Lettering and fail safe Exit Free functionality.

It is driven by lever-operated mechanism that
is easy grasp with one hand, ensuring that the
lock meets ADA.


More Information


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$ 569.99

Satin Chrome Finish only

Walking into the room?



Cavilock CL400
Magnetic ADA Offset Handle

Privacy Exterior with indicator Passage Privacy Interior

CL400 Magnetic offset pull
all of the benefits our Popular CL400 lock

Now with offset Pulls

Available for doors 1 3/8" and 1 3/4" doors

Available in all 4 finishes

CL400 Offset Privacy



    More information

Legacy CL200 Locks
Close-out Specials

Prices good for stock on Hand only - Order Now

With the New Magnetic locks available the old style needs to go
these are discontinued and will no longer be available

CL200 Passage

CL200 passage for Bi parting Doors

Must order matching Privacy Separately
This is the dummy for the second door
1 3/8"Only   1 3/8"
$ 119.99- all finishes   $ 139.99 - all finishes


We are working to keep the web site updated, however, orders may be cancelled if stock is not available
lock strike
Legacy CL200 locks
require a Strike
that projects 1/2

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