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3 Door Systems $ 2,800.00

System includes, top track, threshold, hangers,hinges, flush bolts and weather-stripping

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exterior folding door

Fully Weatherstripped Folding Door Kits For Exterior Applications

exterior folding door
exterior folding door
Folding Door Hardware for Exterior Door Applications
Fully Weatherstripped

exterior_folding _door

please contact us for more information

your exterior folding door system can be delivered in 3-4 weeks

In order to accurately place your order we would need to know the following
How Many Doors?
In swing or out swing?

Folding Direction
how many Left?
how many Right?

See examples's below

  4L 1 R 3L 2 R
It is always best to have an odd Door Count to allow for a free swinging door
Door Size? max panel width 48"  
Door Thickness? max panel thickness 2.25" if using threshold - 3" when using floor channel
Door Weight? max. panel weight 250 lbs  
Door Height? max. panel height 144"  
Opening Size?    
Finish of Hardware and track Stainless, Bronze, Brass? Bronze or clear anodized?
Bottom, threshold or channel?

Standard Threshold
6 5/8" or 8"

Floor Channel
Recessed into floor
Sill Width  
ADA Threshold
Weather Strip color Black, Bronze, White?  

Kit Pricing
Number of Doors 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  $ 2,500 $ 2,800 $ 3,520 $ 4,000 $ 4,800 $ 5,500 $ 6,300

Includes Top Track, Bottom Threshold, All Weatherstipping, Flushbolts Hinges and Instructions
On free-swinging application, you will need to supply your own lock hardware

You supply the doors and create the header and Jambs to the layout in the Instructions

Shipping to 48 States is $ 250.00


Offset Application allows for Full Weather Protection

Face Mounted Flush Bolt for folding doors

pin size 3/8"

Made of Aluminuium in
Silver, Bronze or Bright Gold Finish
8" long
Straight Flush Bolt
face to center of pin 1/4"

8" long
Offset Flush Bolt
face to center of pin 1.31"

Purchase Flush Bolts and Hinges seperate

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