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PC Henderson
Industrial Door Track Industrial
Exposed Hangers
Curved Track
up to 4400 lbs

Door Track and Rollers
Standard Duty

Door Track for Pocket and Bi-fold
Interior Applications
Pocket Door Frame Kits
up to 440 lbs

Heavy duty track

Folding, stacking and
multifunctional / stacking doors

Up to 1100 lbs

Stainless Steel
Round Rail

Exposed track for
glass and wood doors

Specialty Applications
Min Clearance track
Full Access Bi-fold

Open Rail System
Exposed track and Rollers

Tiger Brand
Track and Rollers
Specialty Track
a Favorite of Architects


Cox 42 Track
Minimum Clearance track for light doors
Full Access Bi-Fold Kit
Allows access to complete opening
Open Rail System
Decorator Style Track
$ 10.00 Total shipping Cost for 48 State orders of track 8' or less

Minimum Clearance Door track and rollers

Allows the door to sit below the track with minimal space between the door and the track for a clean look

C810 C304 ALU80MF Husky
300 lb Door 125 Lb Door 125 LB Door 200
1 7/8" Top Spacing 1 3/8" Top Spacing 1 1/8" Top Spacing 1.45" Top Spacing
From $ 595.00 From $ 130.00 From $ 400.00 From $ 300.00


Below System will have a 3/8" gap between the door and the track


Cox 42
Minimum Clearance Hardware - 1 1/8" top Spacing - light duty 40 pounds max per door

Our lowest profile track system
great for smaller doors or shutters

Bi fold and Sliding Door Applications

5/8" top mount bracket for
thinner Doors

Also See Our 1225 system 100lbs
1 9/16"Min Top Spacing

1 1/8" wide - 3/4" tall
42 Roller Assembly
$ 8.00
42 Aluminum Track

42 Bi fold kit
Kit for 2 doors
$ 13.00
42 Snugger
Installs in track on 4 door Applications
to tension doors
$ 1.00

Full Access Bi fold Door Kits


Full Access Bi fold Door Kits
2-Door Set Contents:
1 - Control Arm
3 - Jamb Hinges
3 - Door Hinges
1 - Door Stop .
1/2- Door Aligne

2 door kit for 12-18" doors
$ 35.00

2 door kit for 18-24" doors
$ 40.00
2 kits needed for doors shown on left


30 lbs max


Flipper Door

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