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Build Your Own Wall Mounted Door

Simple Construction for Surface mounting track

This application would use our standard Track and Rollers

Select Siding Kit option


Attach wood support to wall

this will allow you to have something to attach the
track and your fascia to.

The wood will have to be wide enough to space the door away for the wall



Check that your door has enough clearance
that you Fascia trim will not rub on the door
Attach any needed wood Spacers needed
to have Fascia clear door

Fascia Applied Finished Project
Offset Wall Mounted Door
offset Wall Mounted Door
Larger Image to see more detail

One of the Walls was built wider than the other
allowing the casing to be even across the opening
and the door to be even with the wall when closed

The Wider wall allows for the Strike to be Installed

Wall Mounted Door Crown
Top of the opening creates the Space to conceal the track
Wall Mounted Door Casing
wall mounted door lock
open door creates and even wall appearance

Let Us help you create this creative Wall Mounted Door



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