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lockwood cavity lock

Standard Door Prep- Fits in 2 1/8" hole
(add 1" hole 2.75" deep)

On pre drilled holes latch will need to be recessed
approx. an extra 1/32"
Backset is 60mm

Fits 1 3/8" Thick Doors only
information for 1 3/4 installation

Select Function and Order Below

For 1 3/4" thick doors lock must be recessed into door

Purchase 2 9/16" Drill bit
to recess lock into 1 3/4"door
$ 33.99

Cavity Keyed Entry Lock
Satin Silver Polished Chrome
$ 99.99 $ 109.99
Cavity Privacy Lock
Satin Silver Polished Chrome
$ 89.99 $ 99.99
Cavity Passage Lock
Satin Silver Polished Chrome
$ 49.99 $ 59.99



Entry Instructions Privacy Instructions Passage Instructions

Jamb Stike

on a double door application
mount the edge pull below the strike on the dummy door

Holes for bolts are not threaded. Self threading screws are
provided that will cut their own threads during install.

All Locks are in Stock - Orders Ship within 48 hours

Lockwood Cavity Lock
Keyed Pocket Door Lock
$ 99.99

See the Cavity Lock in action

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